I studied philosophy, sociology and also went to fashion school, but never got a degree (you know what they say: don’t let your schooling interfere with your education). I wrote a bit of everything: a book, all of my band's lyrics and even tattooed a phrase on my friend's leg — which didn't come out beautifully, but, hey, style matters ;) I'm addicted to coffee, John Hughes movies, The Office and I'm a follower of Michael Scott's K.I.S.S. way of thinking: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Currently working at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, as Creative Director for Budweiser's Global Account.


❋ Experience:

Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo: jun/2022 until now

Africa: jan/2019 to jun/2022 

JWT: jun/2015 to jan/2019

NBS: 2012 to 2015

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi: 2008 to 2012

★ Recognition:

D&AD: World's Top 100 Best Creative Directors of 2022

D&AD: Wood Pencil, Experiential, Use of Talent & Influencers

D&AD: Graphite Pencil, Media, Use of Talent & Influencers

D&AD: Graphite Pencil, Entertainment, Integrated

Cannes Lions: Gold, Creative Effectiveness 

Cannes Lions: Gold, Social & Influencer

Cannes Lions: Silver, Social & Influencer

Cannes Lions: Silver, Media

Cannes Lions: Silver, Entertainment For Sport

Cannes Lions: Silver, Direct

Cannes Lions: Bronze, Brand Experience

Cannes Lions: Bronze, Social & Influencer

Clio Music: Silver, Design, Direct Marketing

Clio Music: Silver, Design, Packaging

Clio Music: Silver, Partnerships & Collaborations

Clio Music: Bronze, Branded Entertainment & Content

Clio Music: Bronze, Design, Editorial

Clio Music: Bronze, Design, Printed Materials

Clio Music: Bronze, Experience/Activation

Clio Sports: Gold, Direct, Social Media

Clio Sports: Gold, Fan Engagement, Social Media

Clio Sports: Gold, Integrated Campaign

Clio Sports: Gold, Public Relations

Clio Sports: Gold, Social Media, Multi-Platform

One Show Festival: In Book, Social Media, Branded Social Post

One Show Festival: In Book, Mobile, Digital Publications

New York Festivals: Merit Award, Public Service Announcements, Digital/Interactive

Facebook Awards: Global Winner, Silver, Best Use of Facebook Platform

Facebook Awards: LATAM Regional Winner

El Ojo 2022: Grand Prix, Media

El Ojo 2022: Gold, Design, Packaging

El Ojo 2022: Gold, Design,  Identity & Brand Building

El Ojo 2022: Gold, Design,  Installations & Promotional Items

El Ojo 2022: Gold, PR

El Ojo 2022: Silver, Brand Activation 

El Ojo 2022: Silver, Brand Activation & Experience on Social Platforms

El Ojo 2022: Silver, Innovation, Product

El Ojo 2022: Silver, PR, Launches & activations

El Ojo 2022: Bronze, PR, Communication Actions

El Ojo 2022: Bronze, Best  Latin Idea

El Ojo 2022: Bronze, Ideas Created for a Brand 

El Ojo 2018: Silver, Best Film

El Ojo 2017: Gold, Sound Design

El Ojo 2017: Bronze, FX

El Ojo 2016: Bronze, Social Media Executions

Effie Awards Latam:
Gold, Alcoholic Beverages

Effie Awards Latam: Gold, Gran Idea De Medios

Effie Awards Latam: Bronze, Social Media

Effie Awards Brazil: Silver, Media Inovation

Effie Awards Brazil: Silver, Social Media

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2023: Gold, Design

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2023: Silver, Art Direction

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2023: Bronze, Best Promotional Activation/Direct

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2023: In Book, Radio

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2023: In Book, Branded Content

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2022: Gold, PR

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2022: Gold, Best Integrated Campaign

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2022: Silver, Best Promotional Activation/Direct

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2022: In Book, Media

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2017: Bronze, Film, Best Art Direction

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2017: In Book, Film, Best Photography

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2017: In Book, Film, Best Direction

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2017: In Book, Best Film

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: In Book, Corporate Image

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: In Book, Print/Publishing

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: Bronze, Film

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: In Book, Film, Best Editing

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: In Book, Film, Best Direction

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: In Book, Film, Best Art Direction

CCSP (São Paulo Creative Club) 2016: In Book, Digital

FIAP 2016: Creativity on Social Media

FIAP 2016: Production Techniques

Wave Festival 2018: Bronze, Film

Wave Festival 2014: Bronze, Cyber

Webby Awards: Official Honoree, Advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

Shorty Awards: Auto, Social Good Campaign

ABP (Brazilian Association of Advertising): Silver, Film

ABP (Brazilian Association of Advertising): Bronze, Digital

Lürzer's Archive 01/2019: Print/Publishing

Lürzer's Archive 03/2017: Film

Lürzer's Archive 05/2015: Print/Publishing

Prêmio Desafio Estadão Cannes: Branded Content

Prêmios Lusófonos (Lusophone Prize for Creativity) 2018: GP, Film, Best Film Editing

Prêmios Lusófonos (Lusophone Prize for Creativity) 2018: GP, Film, Best Cinematography

Prêmios Lusófonos (Lusophone Prize for Creativity) 2018: Silver, Film, Best Film Editing

Prêmios Lusófonos (Lusophone Prize for Creativity) 2018: Silver, Film, Best Cinematography


With so many cardboard boxes being printed everywhere, Budweiser has one of the highest circulations in the world. So, we decided to give the publishing industry a chart-topping revamp. Meet BudMAG: the monthly music magazine printed on Budweiser beer packs, giving Colombia's up-and-coming artists the audience they deserve. 


We turned beer coasters into a demo format for underground artists and spread them across more than 300,000 bars all over Brazil. From now on, every Bud will come on top of a tiny stage. 


Fish are not as healthy an alternative to red meat as we think: they are contaminated with heavy metals dumped in the oceans. To make more people aware of it, we fought heavy metal with heavy metal: creating a heavy metal band, named Heavy Metals, that sings about the heavy metals found in the fish we eat. Formed by the vegan legends Rodrigo Lima from Dead Fish, Juninho from Ratos de Porão, Iara Bertolaccini from BlastFemme and Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth.


Corinthians. A club formed by the working class, which since its birth has fought against the elite. It was one of the first in the world to give stage to black players - players who changed the game forever. Today, many football fans seem to have forgotten that. To launch Corinthians' new all-black jersey, we made sure to remind them: the sport you all love is a sport that owes everything to black people.


Brahma's smoothness is unmatched by any competitor - so much so that we even call it Brahmoothness. As the official sponsor of the greatest football teams in Brazil, Brahma took smoothness where no other beer had taken it before: to the heads of the stars. Inspired by haircuts like Ronaldo’s Cascão, Biro Biro’s Mullets, Ronaldinho’s Headband and many other that represent the smoothness of the Brazilian football style, we joined Ariel, Rei do Blindado, and created The Foamy Haircut: a hairstyle that resembles a glass full of Brahma. The trend started with Reinaldo from São Paulo FC, then was adopted by music, TV and Instagram celebrities until being featured on the heads of Chelsea's Thiago Silva and Jorginho as they won the UEFA Super Cup - showing off The Foamy Haircut to the world ahead of all other sponsors. 


With regards to our own survival here on this planet, one of the biggest questions is: how do we grow in soils that are less than ideal? After more than 100 years of growing the best tomatoes on Earth, Heinz worked alongside with the Aldrin Space Institute to create a ketchup in the harshest conditions ever: the Martian soil.


How to highlight the new Ford Ka's built-in Bluetooth — which now allows the driver to talk on the phone without taking his hands off the wheel?


Second phase of Ford Ka's Voice Command campaign, presenting a new tagline and a loud new endorser.


Vivo is the telecommunication company that offers the best internet coverage in Brazil. Those who don't have Vivo run the risk of lagging while watching the hottest TV shows. So, in partnership with Netflix, we made a version of the famous cookie from Round 6, but with the Vivo logo instead of the usual circle, triangle, star and umbrella formats. Whoever managed to cut the logo perfectly, won a month of free internet to enjoy the show. Without any lag.


England's fans have a bitter sweet love story with their national team. They’ve only won the World Cup once, in ’66. Since then, they’ve been hoping to taste greatness again. This is our Budweiser 2022 World Cup campaign to encourage them not to stop.


Budweiser is NBA's official sponsor, and to get people excited for the 2020 finals we created a special product — not for the fans, but for their pets: Bud-branded thrones made in partnership with Brazil’s biggest pet retailer Petz, with profits going to the animal protection NGO Ampara.


Heinz's advertising is designed to highlight that its ketchup is the only one made with just 6 ingredients: tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt, onions and special spices. So, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Heinz transformed its six iconic ingredients into baskets, which in turn were donated to Gastromotiva — a non-profit organization that uses gastronomy as a tool of social transformation. The NGO used the donated ingredients to produce over 4 thousand nutritious and balanced meals for people who didn't have access to them. Babu, famous for his culinary skills at Big Brother and a spokesman for the underprivileged, launched the initiative on his social networks, along with other personalities involved with the community.


We put a burger template on Instagram and let our fans color fill them whatever they liked. They could then post their creations tagging friends and @Heinz_Br. Through the partnership that Heinz has with the best burger places in São Paulo, we invited chefs to choose the craziest designs, turn them into reality and send them to the creators’ homes with a side of ketchup.


Ford Mustang's campaign crafted specially to provoke drivers to step into the unknown.


Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Packaged Peeled Bananas works as a quick guide to embrace life’s unpredictability. You can read the entire book during a plane crash — and still leave with a smile. Made in partnership with the design studio AÇO.ORG


My gnarly, sensational and sellout punk rock band in which I brilliantly play the drums and pedantically write all the lyrics.

Art style by guilhermeportugal.com


Before they became classics, groups like The Rolling Stones were just another garage band. Budweiser is the major sponsor of Lollapalooza. So, to this year’s festival, we worked on the "New Classics Are Coming" tagline. The campaign started with a thread on Twitter, asking people what lineup band they'd bet on to become a new classic. Their response served as a starting point for the TV commercial — starred by the same people who responded it. Not long after that, the #MyNewClassic made to the Twitter Trending Topics.